Sunday, August 21, 2011

Metal Mondays - Get ready for some orchestral face burning

I'm not even putting this video up because I want to make fun of it. I'm so in awe that I periodically come back to this youtube clip and rock out.

For those unaware, Apocalyptica are a Finnish band composed of three cello players and a drummer. They started out purely covering Metallica, then branched into a few other bands including Pantera and Faith No More before heading into their own stuff. They have occasional guest vocalists (Ville Valo from HIM does a particularly awesome track called Bittersweet) but mostly do face burning instrumentals, covers or otherwise.

Not appearing on any CDs but appearing on one of their live DVDs is this cover - Grieg's Hall of the Mountain King. You DO know this song, even if you don't recognise the name. Even in it's traditional orchestral form it was a faceburner, and done with three amped cellos and a bunch of sweaty shirtless Scandinavians it becomes Something Else.

I'd really like to know where this was filmed, since that is one phenomenal audience. Their clapping is completely on the beat, even when they speed up. That is some crazy shit.

Also, FYI - the little fragment of melody that is played after the intro and before Mountain King itself is the Finnish National Anthem. Patriotic metalheads, we salute you.

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