Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Bounty! Glorious Bounty Continues PLUS Decide the Origin of Dengar!

Grug and I do a comic about terribly inadequate space bounty hunters that don't really like each other. The third book The Covoluted Killbots has just begun at www.gloriousbounty.com and here's page two to prove it! But keep on reading after the jump because I wouldn't dare shamelessly self-promote without providing some original content as well!

New page every Tuesday and you can read Book One: The Sexy Virus, and Book Two: The Sticky Goat Affair completely free!

But I promised you some content as well, so while were on the subject of inept, unappealing bounty hunters, join me after the jump to discuss The Empire Strikes Back's black sheep bounty hunter Dengar! (And you don't have to be a Star Wars fan - in fact, this experiment will be even better if you're not!

We're back! Okay, it's just you and me now. How was your day? You look beautiful, might I add.

So Dengar is the bounty hunter that looks like this:

It's not pretty is it. He's hideous, scarred, a little on the chunky side. He's wearing loafers, his armour is mostly second-hand Stormtrooper armour painted faeces-brown (that's a Pantone colour), and most egregiously of all, he has toilet paper wrapped around his misshapen head like a pathetic mummy.

You'll be forgiven for thinking that I'm making this all up and that he's not even in the movie but here's proof! Look he even (briefly and forgettably) shares the screen with total mega-pimp Darth Vader:

Now the actor that brought this character to such vivid life was uncredited, but I can reveal (thanks to the all-knowing Wookieepedia that he was the final role of bit-player Morris Bush, who can be seen in happier times here:

Source: Aveleyman.
And if you're already falling in love with this bounty-hunting bashed-up potato, then perhaps you would like to adorn your mantelpiece with this gorgeous commemorative statue:

My my! Just look at those loafers!
Now here's where YOU come in. I want to know who this guy really is and what he's all about. How did he get this messed up and why is that stuff wrapped all around his head?

BUT I don't want you to quote some stupid novel, or game, or website or anything like that. I want YOU to make up your very own origin story explaining Dengar's complex origin story. Share it in the comments section and we'll all have a laugh at Dengar's expense. Maybe Taylor and I will even share the best on an upcoming C-List Podcast.

I previous suggested that Dengar got seriously drunk, slipped on his own vomit (damn loafers!), cracked his head on the toilet bowl and wrapped it with toilet paper. But I'm sure you can do better than that!

Go on! Write in the damn comments section! It's what it's there for! If you read Glorious Bounty each week, I'll make good with a discussion of a famous bounty hunter!

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  1. I think he wanted to cosplay as a Stormtrooper but his mum is very poor.