Wednesday, September 14, 2011

8-Bit Banter - Gunstar Heroes!

Welcome back to WedNESday, gang. But wait! Gasp! Gunstar Heroes isn't for the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System, you say. You may be thinking, "George, you don't know what WedNESday is all about!" Well, you may be right... but the Gunstar Heroes series does migrate to the Nintendo handheld market eventually, so all's not lost!

Enough banter, time for banter. Gunstar Heroes is a high speed run-n-gun platformer. Anyone who recalls this game can back me up when I say, it's nearly impossible to keep up with. With super detailed, fast parallax scrolling backgrounds, motion feels even faster!

Gunstar Heroes was released in 1993 for the Sega Genesis. Developed by Treasure (worked on several Gradius titles) Aside from the awesome art style, Gunstar Heros had a few cool things going for it. For one, it featured a really unique weapon system. Players could collect 4 different weapon elements (fire, machine gun, homing, and lightning) and combine any 2 for a super special weapon! I don't know if this was the first game to try this but it was definitely done extremely well! No menus to worry about, no cryptic codes to remember. Just grab any 2 elements to create a weapon!

Here's a video to prove my rant.

Dizzy? Yeah, that happens after playing this way-to-fast-paced game. As far as story goes, it's a little complex. There's a dictator, a moon space craft, a dynasty of heros, and mystical gems. But the real confusion comes when trying to hunt down the correct story. The developers actually made the story for the Japanese and American releases very different. I haven't been able to find any reason why the story was changed, I can only assume the publisher had something to do with it.

Most people don't remember gunstar heros for it's characters like they would a Mario or Megaman game. I'll admit, they just aren't as memorable, but that doesn't mean this game should be forgotten! Gunstar Heroes really paved the way for weapon/item customization. Also, platforming was brought to a whole new level when the edges of the screen became walls and floors! So it also seems that Nintendo agrees with me! Gunstar Heroes had a sequel for the Gameboy Advance and a rerelease on the Wii Virtual Console. Since it's available as a downloadable game, I strongly suggest you check it out. It's really fun and pretty damn exciting for an old, cartoony game!

Clue for next weeks game: Gwydion, my chamber pot needs servicing. Go empty it, immediately!

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  1. I will attest for it's Awesomeness. A friend of mine in primary school had it and we used to play the game all the time. Frikkin co-op and everything.

    Mine carts, and there was that level that was a board game or something. It was just insane and over the top and all over the place.

    So much love for it.