Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Old Republic: Smuggler Class. Nobody's Buying It.

Star Wars extra extra saturation week continues (I pick up my Blu-ray set tomorrow!) and another video for the elusive, yet presumably upcoming, MMORPG The Old Republic has been caught in the 'net. We've already seen the Jedi Consular and everybody's favourite sport Hutt Ball, now it's time to zero in on the Smuggler Class and its character progression. And it looks a little fishy to me. Take a look for yourself:

I've been worried that smuggler is going to be a kind of pussy support class, and although this (admittedly amazing looking) video does its best to pump him up, I'm afraid I'm just not buying it! Look, I love Han Solo - he's my favourite (human male) character in the saga! He's one suave customer and totally cocky and badass. His mere presence makes everyone pregnant. Even Greedo!

But if you honestly think, in the in-game environment, that your little unarmoured smuggler with his fancy vest and little pistol is really going to be punching fully battle-suited bounty hunters and troopers in the chops with his bare fists, or killing double-bladed lightsaber wielding Sith demi-gods with a single shot of his puny blaster, then you are having a psychotic episode. Because I'll tell you what's going to happen out there to your smuggler - he's going to have his shifty arse handed to him. By me. Who'll be wearing armour made out of flame-throwers and jetpacks.

My excitement for this game is at all time high - I can't wait to play it and I wish the team every success! It looks stunning. But I'm filing this one under "S" for "Seriously, You've Got to be Shitting Me".


  1. We both know we'll still be making smugglers to play on day 1. Which reminds me, we need to get a guild formed (if you can still do that)

  2. but he has groin kicking and pistol whipping abilities. He also casually moves from situation to situation without changing his expression once

  3. I like when he runs blindly away like a baby and all the lasers happen to miss him. I think that skill is called "Sissy Baby Luck".