Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WTF is WedNESday?

WedNESday is another excuse to turn a day of the week into something much bigger than that. It's a day of the week with a theme!  Just like Metal Mondays and Thank Gif It's Friday, you'll see NES related posts in-between our usual BS related posts.

The theme of WedNESday is open to interpretation and does not have any hard rules. If it's about Nintendo, it's all good! If it's about other retro gaming.. good too! How about game inspired art? Sounds awesome! 8-bit music? Yeah! Video game fan fiction? I hope!

To kick things off, here is the wonderful trailer for The Legend Of Zelda Movie (1987) that made it's way around most of the internet a few months ago. Stick around until the end for (or click here to download) an awesome 8-Bit version of New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle recorded by our good friend Chipocrite.

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