Friday, September 16, 2011

The Long Lost Star Wars Scout Walker Command Tower

Since today is basically Star Wars day (Star Wars Blu-ray & The Padawan Menace release, Clone Wars premiere) I wanted to squeeze in one more Star Wars related post. It's a quick one though because I'm writing this during the commercial breaks of the epic underwater battle in The Clone Wars.

So, this is probably the hardest Star Wars related piece of merchandise to track down. I never knew about it until I was in a gift shop at a Cracker Barrel in Massachusetts. They have gifty books for each year to give people for their birthdays. In the back of one (I guess 1983, which isn't my birth year anyway) was an ad for the Scout Walker Command Tower with Speeder Bike Ride. I fell in love and lost my appetite because I knew that it's impossible that any of these still exist.

If anyone can track one of these down, I want NEED it for my children.

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