Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Perverts

Unless you have been living under a rock (or have no interest in the movie) you've probably seen photos of the 'on location' filming for the Avengers that took place in New York a couple of weeks ago. Being the good fangirl pop culture enthusiast that I am, I thought it was really my duty to scour the internets for photos of boys (and one girl) in superhero costumes, being like, totally cute. After a while, I started to notice a trend. Head below the cut for a whooooole lot of photos.

It seems the main problem Joss Whedon is having on set is the cast being unable to work efficiently cause they're all constantly checking each other out. Really Joss, it's your own fault for hiring such ridiculously good-looking people.

Though when they did manage to tear themselves away from ogling each other, they did do a whole lot of standing around and hanging out with kids and wearing tight clothes. We won't get to ogle them ourselves on the big screen until May next year, but for now, enjoy.

These images were sourced from Tumblr, so obviously have various individual origins. If you feel you have a claim to any of the unwatermarked images and would like them removed or credited, please don't hesitate to email us.


  1. Nah, this photo was taken seconds before he realised the kid was wearing Crocs and put him in a bin. Even Asgard has a ban on Crocs.

  2. That picture would have won the internet if the kid had been caught in the act of a blood-chilling war-cry as he slammed that shield down on Loki's head.