Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WedNESday Dreams

Some people spend their time working high paying jobs and driving Aston Martins. Some people work high paying jobs that they hate and have mountains of coke and hookers ready for them when they get home. Some people work crappy jobs with no future prospects and toil away at projects that they hope will be their lottery ticket to fame and fortune. Dear reader, view my current project and judge for yourself what sort of person I am.

I'll tell you all what I've been working on. For the past couple of hundred days, I've been doing a daily spot illustration for every single Nintendo Entertainment System game that was released in the USA/AUS. Yea, that's a lot of games. I call the project 8-Bit Dreams.

It all began with an innocent tweet, nothing more than a few simple characters. But then there was the goading on. The gentle nudge from Suzanne. Then it was on, it was all on. ALL ON FOR YOUNG AND OLD!

This is how I sign up to most projects. First there is the stupidest of ideas, followed by even the slightest amount of encouragement or interest from another human being. That's all that's needed for me to start a three year long daily project. It's that easy.

You can follow my daily updates one my blog at and purchase the original illustrations for only $50 each on my etsy store here. I think I've done about 170 now, maybe more. It's hard to keep track.

Each WedNESday I'll highlight my favorite game of the week on Fruitless Pursuits and talk about why it's so totally awesome. Maybe I'll show some work in progress pics, give you some insider information on how I came up with the illustration. Who knows!

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