Friday, September 16, 2011

Stars (Including A Star Wars Star) Act Out Star Wars Scenes for Cancer!

Bill Hader as a Tauntaun. Ken Jeong as Vader. Emma Stone as Leia AND Luke.

It's a really cool video.. and for some reason feels a little weird to see all these celebrities act out Star Wars scenes. Although Star Wars is one of the biggest film series ever, it still feels very out of place in the real world. Maybe I'm just putting on my geek defense.

It's all for a good cause, and there are some sweet t-shirts that you can purchase to contribute.

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  1. Seeing Emma Stone say, "It's a trap!" Made me feel a little funny inside.

    I want to be caught in that trap. :(

  2. Considering I need another starwars youtube clip like I need a hole in the head, this was surprisingly wonderful. And silly.