Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jurassic Park Playmobil Advent Calendar Day 15: Waiting.

It's day 15 of our sexy romp into the teeming Playmobil Jurassic Park advent calendar, which took a tense break yesterday as our indecisive hero, Dr. Ian Goldblum, stood staring into the eyes of a lusty raptor for many months, trying to figure out whether to kill it or kiss it. Will he finally reach a decision today or is our adventure already over?

Let's crack open Door Number 15 and see for ourselves!

And... it's... a...

Pile of MORE leaves and branches?! Are you kidding me!?

Clearly Goldblum's crippling indecision has continued. The raptor and he must have locked eyes for well over a year now, because the tree has grown many times its size since we last saw it. Can you imagine the unbridled sexual tension must have been built up over these many months? It must carpet the jungle like a thick pink mist!

This sexy Mexican Standoff (Sexican Standoff) cannot last forever. Either Goldblum is going to have to make a decision, or someone else is going to have to intervene. Come on, Golblum! Bludgeon it or bed it! We're all about to explode!

And stay tuned because I am just about to open the Lego Star Wars Calendar!

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