Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013 Day 20: Benmobile.

It's day 20 of our vaguely disappointing trek through the Lego Star Wars advent calendar. You know what's difficult? Writing 20 introductions for what usually turns out to be a blocky obscure vehicle or a weapon rack. What the hell do you people want from me? What am I going to say? OH MAYBE IT WILL BE AN EXCITING EWOK ELF TODAY WIELDING A LIGHTSABER CANDY CANE! We all know that's a lie! How much longer are we going to keep kidding ourselves? GODDAMMIT LET'S JUST OPEN THE FRIGGING DOOR!

Door Number 20. I'm coming for you.

And... it's... a...

ANOTHER BLOCKY VEHICLE! But at least it's not an obscure one. This is clearly a Jedi Starfighter, in fact I believe that it actually belongs to prissy beardsmith, Obi Wan Kenobi!

This thing got a lot of screen time, so although it's a little flat and bland in brick form, it definitely deserves a spot in here. More so than yesterday's shite shuttle anyway. What else can I say about it? WHAT DO YOU NEEDY PEOPLE WANT FROM ME? OH? You want to see what a Jedi Starfighter does? THEN WHY DON'T YOU GO AND WATCH ATTACK OF THE CLONES!? Ha... I'm just kidding. Please. Don't do that to yourself.

And for those keeping score, each day I pit this calendar against the Jurassic Park Playmobil one. Both are pretty underwhelming today, but I'm going to throw a bone to Jurassic Park. DON'T JUDGE ME!
Playmobil Jurassic Park advent calendar: 8
Star Wars Lego advent calendar: 11

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  1. You're doing God's work man!!!! Keep the press on! Only a few more days to go. Thanks for posting pics of the actual ships, it helps with the confused look on our sons faces.