Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013 Day 15: Geodude.

It's Day 15 of our descent into the inconsistent madness of the Lego Star Wars advent calendar whose quality swings wilder than a blind man playing baseball. Sometimes it's smiles. Sometimes it's frowns. Mostly in baffling blocky renditions of obscure vehicles from Attack of the Clones. Although today my ADVENTure sense is tingling. Yesterday we received the Geonosian Starfighter (which looked like a chocolate crocodile) and I think that was a big clue to what we might be getting today.

Let's open Door Number 15 and see if I am right...

And... it's... a...

I knew it! It's that Geonosian warrior that was taunting us from the door a couple of days ago! He's another troop builder, and perhaps not your favourite character from the vast Star Wars saga, but I think he's probably the most unique and interesting minifigure we've received so far. I've always loved the weirder alien designs (as a kid, I had no idea who Han Solo was but knew who Hammerhead and Snaggletooth were) so I am personally pretty pleased to receive these guy.

He's super simple. He has zero accessories, and he's not even one of the flying ones, but I do still dig his hideous horse-like face. Sure, your kids still don't have any famous hero characters to pit him against, but I guess that they could still play-act the depressing conversation he has with a clone trooper about hanging out in a hive mind and looking the exact same as everybody you know. Fantastic!

And for those keeping score, each day I pit this calendar against the Jurassic Park Playmobil one. Today I definitely have to award the point to Lego. And that rockets them to the lead! Which seems crazy considering that the other calendar, overall, is clearly miles better!

Playmobil Jurassic Park advent calendar6
Star Wars Lego advent calendar: 8

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