Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Day 21: Slavish Devotion.

It's day 20 of our trudging slog through the brown plains of the Lego Star War Advent calendar where confused parents and their crying children carefully examine each bewildering gift with a growing sense of dread. Too dramatic? I don't even care any more!

I guess we have to open Door Number 21...

And... it's... a...

It's the SLAVE- I!

Okay, credit where credit's due. In terms of the micro-scaled vehicles, this one is EXCELLENT. It's an iconic ride, owned by an iconic character (this is painted in Daddy Jango Fett's colours but will eventually be pimped out by Baby Boba) and IT ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE THE SOURCE MATERIAL! In fact, this ingenious bit of engineering is so much like its screen counterpart that I won't even include a still from the film. You know what it is. And after the drought we've experienced, you're probably quite happy to have received it!

It also perfectly compliments yesterday's Jedi Starfighter. Now your kids can re-create the asteroid chase sequence from everybody's favourite Star Wars film Attack of the Clones! Your job, as a parent, will be to string a few hundred potatoes on fishing line from your ceiling. These will be the asteroids. Then you will let off controlled explosives for effect. If you do not do this, then you are a bad parent and you have ruined Christmas. Start stringing up those potatoes!

And for those keeping score, each day I pit this calendar against the Playmobil Jurassic Park one. Today is a well-deserved win for Lego. Good work, you guys!

Playmobil Jurassic Park advent calendar8
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