Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Book Was Better Podcast: Episode 4, High School Musical!

Yes! Jessica McLeod and I return for a brand, spanking new The Book Was Better podcast and we are seriously, actually, I-shit-you-not-ingly talking about the NOVELISATION of Disney tween song and dance extravaganza High School Musical! Will dreamy b-baller Troy become the first person ever to be good at two different things? Get your head in the game and find out! Here's what Jess says:
"If you love musicals for their clunky, wooden dialogue and threadbare characterisation but hate the music, you'll love the novelisation of inexplicable pop culture phenomenon High School Musical! Join us as we take a book that is meant for people under the age of 10 and ruin it for everyone. If you are under 18, please don't listen. Seriously. We're terrible people."
Grab it from the official site.

Hosts: Jessica McLeod and Luke Milton
Run Time: 53:30

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