Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Clone Wars - Preview Image, Sneak Peek and Reminder!!

This image has me so excited for this Friday's episode of The Clone Wars. So much that I am posting it here as a reminder, not only for all of you, but also for myself. Every Friday, I get wrapped up in unwinding from a week's work and forget to watch it... but this week will be different.

"Nomad Droids" airs Friday Oct 14th at 8:30pm on Cartoon Network
As an Ewok, Yoda, Jawa, Ugnaught fan (did I miss any?)... I can't wait to see what these little guys are all about.

It looks even better in full size, courtesy of

I can't seem to embed the two preview clips, but they are available at Toonzone's preview page, or on youTube here and here.

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  1. ^_^ <33 I seriously need to catch up with season 4! Thanks for the heads up.