Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WedNESday: Super Smash Land!!

Super Smash Bros is one of my favorite video game series. It's not just that it's a ton of fun to beat down my friends, but it's also because the games are jam packed with unlockable Nintendo goodness. I bought Smash Bros Brawl on launch day and I'm still unlocking things in that game. Melee had some of the best multiplayer tournaments I've ever played. (many 64 match brackets using just 1 hit kills)

It's been a few years since Brawl. I'm getting the itch for a new game, and I'm sure others are as well. But there is something new to play while we wait for details on the WiiU Smash Bros installment that was kind of announced at E3...


It's a retro GameBoy styled Smash Bros game that's available for FREE for PC at I dug out my PC to finally try this tonight and it's really well made. The music is great, the gameplay is wonderful, and it has so many touches of the Smash Bros games.

Screenshots and video after the jump.

Nice work Dan Fornace! This is amazing.

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