Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ROCKtober: William Freakin' Shatner!

If you're like me, you follow William Shatner (@williamshatner) on the Twitter...because why wouldn't you? He's William Shatner!! Yes, okay, it is well established that I am a Trek fanboy, but...Shatner!

Anyway, Mister Shatner has been on Twitter today talking about the release of his new CD: Seeking Major Tom. It's a 20 track, 2-disk album of covers ranging from the aforementioned "Major Tom" to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", and several points in-between! All done in Shatner's trademark style and ready for you to love!

Personally, I still like owning physical copies of things, so I'll be buying mine in a store today (assuming Best Buy has copies), but you can get it from iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, and Amazon...and those are just the ones he mentioned in his Twitter feed. It seems to be a very different animal than the underrated and very awesome Has Been album from a few years ago, but from what I've been hearing so far, I'm going to love it just as much.

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