Friday, October 14, 2011

The C-List Podcast Episode 16: C-List Comic Character Crossover!

After a mysterious hiatus, The C-List Podcast returns with guns blazing and many jaws yapping! Yes, for the first time ever, Mike Taylor and I have guest stars! Here's the description, straight from our official site:
"In this very special episode we are joined by Mladen and Kris, hosts of brilliant Australian comics podcast Extra Sequential! We throw our usual format out the window, and instead of talking about movies, we discuss and mock a cavalcade of crappy C-List characters from Marvel and DC's shady past. Our four-way conference call may have our audio quality straining, but you will not want to miss learning about colourful character such as: mystical midget Puck, the sensational (and possibly feral) squirrel girl, and a mental organism designed only for killing. (Not "kissing" or "knitting" as we soon discovered. You'd be a stupid idiot to miss our biggest episode yet!"
DOWNLOAD it now at The C-List Podcast!

Hosts: Mike and Luke, with special guests Mladen Luketin and Kris Bather
Run Time: 01.15:58
Original Music by The Data Parade

To hear more from Kris and Mladen, check out their podcast at Extra Sequential.


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  2. You know, any time you need to talk about comics on a podcast, you can call me for some research. I could have told you about Squirrel Girl's crush on Speedball, the REAL reason H.E.R.B.I.E. Replaced the Torch in the cartoon (not about kids setting themselves on fire), and the wonder that is M.O.D.A.M.!! And that's just the Marvel stuff. You're just now getting to the DC's as I'm listening.

  3. The Dazzler movie is the only reason she exists at all. The comic was made to pitch the film that never happened.