Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yardsailing: Can You Name These Action Figures?

I am a chronic Yardsailor. I'll usually visit a few yard sales each weekend (via BOAT!) (not really) (I wish), looking for board games, action figures, Lego, bad art, and anything else to clutter up my already cluttered home. This past weekend was a bust, with the exception of 2 bags of action figures. They cost $1 each, and were made up of some recognizable, but mystery figures.

Click through the jump to see what I bought, and join in on the comments to tell me what they actually are, and if I wasted my two bucks.

My wife bought the bags and said they were Mask figures, but this is definitely the only one. I don't know who he is but he looks pretty cool.
I have over 500 Star Wars figures and I have no clue who this is, nor have I ever seen this figure before. 

Something, something, GI Joe?

The Zombie Twins!

I can only assume Burt Reynolds or Michael Landon.

I was really excited to get these Team Zissou figures.

Left - I have absolutely no clue.
Right - Battle of the Planets?

The best team ever. Is that Jek Porkins in front?

As discussed in our podcast, I think these are called Star Con? I only remember them for their AWESOME magnet feet. 

See what I mean? AWESOME.


  1. The girl in pink, in the fourth photo from the bottom, is from Voltron.

  2. Next to the girl in pink is a chick from Robotech. The Star Wars figure is a b-wing pilot. The scuba divers are vintage Fisher Price Adventure People!

  3. It's bugging me that I KNOW I recognise the Zombie Twins but have no idea where from.

  4. The first one is Buddy Hawkes from M.A.S.K.

  5. the black and red costumed g.i.joe man is one of Destro's "Iron Grenadiers" from when he breaks off from Cobra to form his own faction

  6. The zombie twins and Burt are adventure people as well.

  7. Didn't those Star Con figures come with some kind of space-themed building toy? I seem to remember having a few as a kid, but I don't remember the details.

  8. You guys are all crazy. Thanks for checking these out and helping me. Nobody knows anything about the 5 piece gang led by Jek Porkins? Those are really cool. They're kind of soft and rubbery, similar to the texture of Madballs.

  9. The Star Wars figure is: Arvel Crynyd. Green Leader and a A-Wing pilot at the Battle of Endor.


  10. I also had the "Jek Porkings Bloody gang", but never knew who they where...