Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ROCKtober review - The Pretty Reckless

As a kid born in the mid 70's, I am almost 100% sure that all the good music came out either before I was born or else in that magical time between "Appetite For Destruction" and "Jagged Little Pill" when everything was awesome.  There are, however, a few bands that prove the exception.  My current favourite is a groovy little rock band that call themselves The Pretty Reckless.

The Pretty Reckless is a simple rock n' roll band with lots of guitars, a hot 18 year old lead singer and an album called "Light Me Up".  I was all set to hate them but it turns out they actually sound good!  Not only that, but there's a story here...find out more after the jump (one pic maybe NSFW)!
So the big secret of The Pretty Reckless is 18 year old singer Taylor Momsen.  You may think she looks familiar.  She does.  Miss Momsen played a very special little girl in classic Christmas spectacular "The Grinch".  That's right...she may be a rock goddess NOW, but she started out as Cindy-Lou Who!  Who?  That's right!  Let's examine the before and after pics. 

Cute little Cindy-Lou.  Who knew she'd grow up to do this?

I for one am grateful!  Oh incidentally, for those of you who've watched rich-kids-suffer drama "Gossip Girl", you may also recognize Taylor as little Jenny Humphrey, bratty younger sister of the group.  She quit the (amazingly successful) TV show so she could go on the road with the band.  If that's not rock n' roll, what is? 

None of it matters, however, if The Pretty Reckless sounds like crap, right?  That's the true surprise of this band.  They are an actual solid, great rock band!  I'm a jaded 35 year old who hates almost EVERYTHING released after1997, but these guys have sold me with their classic guitar rock and great sounding vocals.  They've even got a little something to say, lyrically.  Granted, not a LOT yet, but give them some time.  In any case, don't listen to me, judge for yourself!  Here's their first music video, released late last year.  Look ma, no auto-tune!

Yeah I know it's immature, silly and over-the-top, but it's FUN and AWESOME!  And isn't that the point of rock??  Check out YouTube for a lot of other songs and videos, including some really excellent live performances.  I was shocked.  Give 'em a chance!  They're worth the ridicule from your "cool" friends!

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