Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clone Wars Recap S4 E06: Nomad Droids!

With a host of writers and directors The Clone Wars animated series can be quite uneven. It's either breathtakingly brilliant, or frustratingly bland. It's mostly great, but you can guarantee that if you recommend the show to someone who's still on the fence then the first episode they see won't be one of the better ones.

So if you are unsure, then I heartily recommend this one. Nomad Droids is an epic, episodic romp starring C3PO and R2D2. It's filled with adventure, dark humour, and a lot of surprises. Bookended by a peripheral battle, it thrusts Artoo and Threepio back into their unassuming Rosencrantz and Guildernstern roles, giving them free reign to reluctantly influence events in three very unique scenarios. Along the way there are a lot of callbacks to the original trilogy. You'll certainly recognise some iconic shots.

You know, I love this one so much that I'm reluctant to actually recap it! If you're keen to see it then I'm loathe to spoil any of the moments, and if you already have seen it, then why don't we just high-five each other and discuss it in the comments section. And if you saw it and didn't like it, then I will battle you in the comments section. Have at you!

This is the best one this season and among my all time favourites. 


  1. I watched it. Hi-five!

    I won't spoil anything either, but right near the end it started to get super sad, but super awesome.

  2. I just caught the last 10 minutes again. SPOILERS AHEAD.

    Plo Koon is such a bad ass, who wants nothing to do with C3PO. I love that.

    I want more wrestling droids!

    Star Wars pirates are pretty cool.

    Why is a droid shutting down so sad? It kills me.


    Yeah, of course the best thing was what happened to the boss on that first planet. I love that the stain remained on R2 for the rest of the episode.

    I also loved R2 chuckling when it was suggested that C3PO should be the new leader.

    And Wolf was made to suffer at the end again, which was a nice call back to last episode. Really great stuff.