Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lupin the III: Chi no Kokuin ~ Eien no Mermaid

There's a new film coming out celebrating 40 years of the loveable rascal Lupin the third

(I rant a bit more about Lupin after the jump)
I've loved Lupin ever since this trailer

That awesome voice telling me Steven Spielberg 'reportably' thought it was the best car chase scene in any film ever and then seeing the best car chase scene ever..mannnnnn

I thought about writing who the characters are but that's boring (you can read that stuff here). What I find interesting about this new trailer is the character designs have been re-done by the magnificent Takeshi Koike of Redline fame

He really hasn't changed much but you can see his mark on Lupin's smile. That's a Koike face. Lupin's design style changes all the time. Originally it took a lot of inspiration from the comics in Mad Magazine (I'd love someone to hook me up with which Mad artist was the main inspiration). Long limbs, rounded edges and great expressions.

Check this pilot episode

I know a lot of you will call that bad animation but give it a chance. What it lacks in inbetweens (that smooth movement stuff) it makes up with fantastic layout, poses, expressions and the magic 'cool' that only a few people are able to pull off.

The inconsistent art style and the adult humour wasn't liked that much and rated poorly so that director got the boot, but then in came Miyazaki and his bros where they really cut their teeth learning how to direct and develop their style.

The drawing style tightened up a bit and the show was less adult (Castle of Cagliostro was done a few years later by an older more mellow Miyazaki)

I've been watching the hell out of season 2 and loving every minute of it and there's 155 episodes to get through!!!

If I had to pick a favourite animated adaptation of Lupin I'd have to go with the insanity of Seijun Suzuki's movie Lupin the third: Legend of the Gold of Babylon

Lupin III Das legendäre Gold von Babylon Part 2 - MyVideo

This one really embraced the Mad Magazine style (and even some looney tune gags) and was infused with the cool of Seijun Suzuki, who's more known for his live action films and being blacklisted for making them, even though they were amazing gems (madman entertainment are selling his films that I really recommend checking out)

Lupin has done some irreversible damage to my drawing style and started pushing me in a different direction in how I drew poses and designed my characters. This was the first film I made post the Season 2 watching binge

This hardly holds a candle to all that Lupin stuff but I was having a lot of fun overselling and pushing poses.

Some extra reading and watching you might want to do is to check out the pretty hard to find doco "Yasuo Otsuka: Joy in Motion". He was the main character designer and animation director for the Lupin series. It is a must have for animators as it's filled with a whole bunch of tricks, techniques and theories. You also want to pick up the slightly easier to find book "Starting Point by Hayao Miyazaki" once again filled with tricks, techniques and theories.

Well that's my first big post here. Sorry for the lack of English in these trailers (I only understand English..kinda) but they were hard to find. As to what this latest Lupin movie is about? I have no idea, as illustrated I'm just in it for the pretty pictures.

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