Thursday, October 13, 2011

Found at Walmart: Masters of the Universe Hot Wheels?

Halloween hasn't even hit yet, but the stores are starting to beef up their holiday inventory. I was at two Walmarts today and one (the clean one) had it's toy aisles stocked! I even saw Logray and Bastila Shan Star Wars figures after whining about bit seeing any new figures on this weeks Fruitless Pursuitscast.

But in the other one (the dirrrrty one) I found these bizarre Hot Wheels. Classic Cars and Masters of the Universe go together like... Classic Cars and Masters of the Universe. I don't really get it, and I'm not sure who actually does, but a few of these were kind of cool. Especially if you try and picture these paintings on real cars.

Sorry for the grainy and blurry photos. I'm working with a last generation iPhone here (well, in about 12 hours it it'll be last gen).

Want to see more? Click on through to see the whole series. But first, I have a question. Can you believe they made 8 of these? I guess it makes sense since there's such a limited demographic for the Hot Wheels/ He-Man combo... why not try to sell that one customer 8 different cars?

And to blow my whole single customer demographic right out of the water, they were sold out of one of the cars. It was definitely the coolest, so I can see why. It's Skeletor's Dairy Delivery!


  1. So that's who bought the Dairy Delivery?

  2. Oh man! You saw a Logray at retail! My most coveted right now. You hit the jackpot! Also I totally dig that MOTU panel van.

  3. I've been searching out Logray big time too, and now that I saw him I had to pass because I'm super broke. It was so difficult because he looks wonderful. :(

    I dig the van as well. That was my first vehicle like 15 years ago. If I still had it, I would definitely get that image airbrushed onto it.