Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 Best Classic Sesame Street Segments

Parts of the world are being buffeted by monster storms, and even some of our own contributors are hunkered in their bunkers, eating canned food, and waiting for it to pass. Let me help cheer you guys up and while away the time with some classic Sesame Street animation and clips from the seventies and eighties. Here are my ten favourites, and if you're close to my age at all they should soon be pounding on your nostalgia button with reckless abandon!

Do you remember this sour-faced goat? When life gave him lemons he didn't get even. He got MaaAAAaaAD!!

If you felt that clip tug on your nostalgia lever like there's no tomorrow, then join me after the jump for nine more!

This one always manages to crack me up. It's the perfect hillbilly song. Won't you listen to him, please? There are chickens in the trees!


The next clip influenced me greatly. Every time I've had a job that involves some kind of customer services I will, at least once in a while, demand to see three triangles before the transaction can proceed. TRIANGLES THREE, BITCHES!:

This one actually disturbed me. I was always wigged out by his creepy ginger moustache. And when he forces it on the kid at the end it kind of made me feel sick. Maybe you'll fare better with this classic:

What's a conker? Apparently it's a masochistic creature that bashes itself unrelentingly in the head and is prone to sudden death! This will also probably mess you up:

No catchy songs here, but I love the whimsical animation of this one. The image of the girl as a witch used to scare the crap out of me when I was four. This clip is about how futile life is:

If I skipped the following clip then I would be dragged into the street and beaten. 12 has always been my favourite number and this is why:

I hope you're singing this next song all day at work today. And I hope people look at you in bewilderment and disgust and say, "No, you're not!"


And here's the obligatory typewriter guy clip. And I've probably picked the creepiest one of these as well. HAHAHAHAH "Picked".

What's your favourite classic clip?! Tell me! TELL ME NOW! Why can't contemporary recording artists do an album covering these?


  1. I lived Superguy. was it superguy? he was a little drawn guy who was animated onto the surface of kitchen implements arranged on a table. aaah, sesame street.

  2. Superguy was also a fav of mine. However, nothing will ever be as funny as the yip-yips meeting the telephone!

  3. That guy painting an 8 on the bald man's head.

    Also, did you know that the pinball song is sung by The Pointer Sisters?

  4. Yeah there's a billion great puppet clips and songs but I stuck to the in-between commercial style stuff forvthis one. The yip yips and the telephone might be the best thing ever made.