Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our rad new podcast: The Book Was Better

And by "our" I mean Jessica McLeod and Luke Milton, and by "podcast" I mean recorded nonsense, and by "new" I mean the first episode is out today, and by "rad" I mean radical!

That's right, Luke and I have collaborated on perhaps* the greatest podcast ever created. It's a fortnightly barrage of speculation, mockery and occasional profanity on the subject of novelisations, the cheaply-produced 'books of the film' that end up looking sad on op-shop shelves. We discuss one per episode, and the first one is a DOOZY. In fact, it's the first one I ever bought and the book that inspired the podcast itself! Please, go check it out, give it a listen and tell us what you think!


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  1. and as a privileged person who heard this at time of recording: it is worth your time. and has Stallone lols.