Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is that a Lovely Package or are you just pleased to see me?

I can't even remember where I first stumbled over Lovely Package , but it was complete love at first sight. The premise is very simple - product packaging, of any type, that is unique or innovative or has something very different about it. It covers all products and can be either authentically created products or student work.

A helluva lot more after the break...

What's great about the student stuff is that some of it is completely flat out ridiculous and infeasible - and yet they've got the skill to either digitally recreate or hand make their ideas into something you can look at and sadly dream about picking up off a shelf and buying.

Of course student work means free rein on a copyright front as well - much to everyone's joy.

What Lovely Package has taught me is that designers for companies that sell alcoholic beverages must have the sweetest job in the damn world. LOOK at these.

I want all these bottles, but the ones above and below are particular favourites. 

 It's completely thrilling to scroll down through all this wonder and see a franchise you recognise - and then be sad that it doesn't really exist.

Usually you'll be told if a product was created or not - the following is a limited edition box for a pair of Nikes which are worth about a trillion cred points. LOOK at these.

A lot of students do the wine bottle or chocolate wrapper of business card - I'm always a little more impressed by the one who just HAD to be different and turns something decidedly unglamorous into something - well, not glamorous, but a touch more awesome.
 All these images are from the website itself, and sadly I have/remember very little details on the individual cases. The website is well worth your time if you have a few hours and a love of art and design on hand.


  1. Yum, I'd love a Blue Ribbon horse meat burger.

  2. I obsess over packaging. It's such an expensive but extremely important part of any product, and can really make or break it. This is awesome.

  3. It's also a huge bit of my make-up obsession. Cosmetic companies put unbelievable amounts of money into their presentation and it shoooows