Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Toys!: When Muppets and Star Wars Collide!

Isn't it magnificent when two things you love are recklessly mashed together? Kind of like a bra made of pizza. At this site many of us have already confessed our love for both Star Wars and Muppets, and dammit you'll no longer have to choose between the two thanks to these upcoming action figures being released by Disney!

Now I think that these are exclusive to Disney theme park stores, but it's difficult to tell because the scans are from this site where much of the scarce text is in Japanese (I think?). Now haven't you always dreamed of seeing this?:

Actually, this could potentially be a leaked image of Uncle George's continued tinkering with the soon-to-be-released Star Wars Blu-rays. See more delightfully obscure mash-ups after the jump!

Actually, you know, I think that I'm fundamentally against the idea of pop-culture mash-ups. They're generally pretty lazy and make zero sense from a character perspective. And Disney does these mash-ups all the time - at the aforementioned link you will also see new Star Wars figures that are mashed up with Disney characters. Is Stitch , from Lilo and Stitch, really a good substitute for wheezing murderbot General Grievous? It's hard to see the correlation.

BUT I'm going to forgive (the majority) of these Muppets ones (Piggy and Gonzo particularly) as a precedent was set way back in 1980 when Luke Skywalker and the droids appeared on The Muppet Show. Watch this shit right to the end because C-3PO tap dances:

The Piggy is a pretty good tribute to the episode:

But turning every-man Kermit into every-man Luke Skywalker kind of messes things up. Isn't Kermit banging Miss Piggy. She wants to at least. And now she's his sister? So who the hell is her Han Solo then?:

Link Hogthrob?! I guess that figures. Wait... so Fozzie Bear has a life-debt to Link Hogthrob now? This makes no sense! And what is going on with these two?:

Ok, the Beaker/C3PO is pretty apropos, but just because Bunsen is short and round doesn't mean he has the sassy, obnoxious attitude of rebel-rouser R2D2. See?! It's foolish! But these are still pretty cool. I freely admit that I'd gladly add all of these to my collection. If I can even find them.

What two beloved properties would you mash-up if given the chance, Dear Reader? I have my heart set on high-end resin collectibles featuring Charlie's Angels crossed with The Snorks.

Saw this link first at Super Punch. Bless them!

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  1. they look pretty terrible when you look at the palisades muppets. I can't go back to terrible quality now!