Thursday, September 1, 2011

KingBrick - Are You Bricking It?

KingBrick is a tactical finger-flick battle game. I stumbled across it a few months ago via a random geek list on boardgamegeek and it came up again in conversation the other day. I started to freak out for a few seconds because I couldn't remember the name and thought that it would be lost forever... but luckily I found it. 

I love everything about KingBrick. From the amazing cover art below to the D.I.Y. look of the dice. From the silly tag lines ("ARE YOU BRICKING IT?") to the sweet father/son instructional videos. 

The game is really simple, but the game can also be very tactical (this seems to be common in my favorite games). The basic idea is as follows:
-Flick your bricks to get your opponent's bricks off the board. 
-Defeat your opponent's KingBrick to win the game.
Each of your bricks (dice) also have point values and special abilities (Assassin - Get your Assassin brick to your opponent's Castle and you automatically defeat any one of your opponent's bricks, except the King).  The bricks also have happy and sad faces. If any land sad/dead face up after flicking, they're removed from the game. You'll flick them at each others king, trying to knock him out of the playing area, or to invade his space.

Here's my favorite instructional video.

I've been working on a light dexterity game with George Tagmire and every time we get frustrated I'll go back to the KingBrick videos for serious inspiration. Hopefully this game is picked up and sees a full release (and keeps the awesome cover art).


  1. This is the craziest ting ever. never thought about a dex game, but I've been playing them like crazy of late

  2. I've been thinking about dexterity games a lot lately. Pitchcar opened my eyes but you can probably do so much more. That being said, mine and George's game is as simple as you can get.

  3. We need to get our hands on a copy. It's only around $30 I think, so it shouldn't be too dificult to get one.