Saturday, September 3, 2011

Amusing Pop Culture Art at Society6.

Inspired by J's post, I see so much amazing pop culture homage, parody and mash-up art being showcased online that it's very easy to lose track of my favourites. Society6 is a hub site where thousands of artists sell art prints (plus less appealing things like iPhone cases, but don't let that throw you) and it's a pretty solid sampling of the work that's out there. I don't know anything about the quality of the prints themselves, but as a gallery to browse I was certainly pleased to make some new finds and to be reunited with some forgotten gold.

Voltron Dans Les Coquelicots by Hillary White.
Join me after the jump for more!

There's also a lot of photography on the site, my favourite of which is from the bizarrely named Powerpig, who does a lot of stuff with action figures and Lego. (You may be familiar with his shots of stormtroopers and ewok figures interacting with real chipmunks). I'm impressed by how he takes a couple of existing Lego minifigs and is able to turn it into this:

 Outbreak by Powerpig

I'm a big fan of classic Masters of the Universe so imagine my embarrassingly unbridled delight at this mixed media piece featuring Battlecat, He-Man, Mekanek and (a decapitated) Two-Bad:

Lil' He-Men triptich by Ryan Snook.
 And speaking of things that I'm a fan of, this is both awesome and absolutely terrifying.

Beaker Slaying Honeydew by Hillary White.
 And this? Not a huge fan of the character but I love this style:

Hang-Man by Liam Brazier.
 We all know that Sir Christopher Lee is a legendary badass who, truth be told, probably won't be with us too much longer. We need to start building shrines to him now, and what better way to start than with this:

Vampire by Alvaro Tapia Hildago.
 This piece satisfyingly solves an age old mystery:

A (very) Long Time Ago by Vintz.
 And one more Hillary White work because, well, I guess I really dig Hillary White!

We're Off to See the Wormhole by Hillary White.
 I own about fifty art prints and don't have a single hook in my house. How utterly depressing!

(Thanks to KJ for the link!)


  1. I love the Mekanek one, that's great.



  2. Man, those are amazing. We own way more art than we have ever hung, too. It's depressing!