Saturday, September 3, 2011

Project Runway Recaps: S09 E06

Did you watch Project Runway this week? No? Well, would you like to see some hastily drawn illustrations done from memory without any reference photos? You WOULD?!? Well step this way!

This week is an avant-garde challenge, which is always a lot of fun. The designers are paired with adorable kids from the Harlem School of Art and do paintings with them, which are to inform their designs. Most of the designers get on well with their kids, except Viktor, who is paired with a completely normal (ie extremely chatty) young girl named Skyy. He is rather taken aback by her friendly interest in him as a fellow human being, but he later unbends to the point that he is was able to graciously proclaim, "I learned to like Skyy." You're a hero, Viktor!

Laura ("upper-class") is paired with 11-year-old Kai, and proceeds to tell her all her troubles and misgivings. Luckily Kai is wise beyond her years and is able to talk her off the edge. "Failure is opportunity in disguise," she explains, and Laura's eyes widen at the ability of a small child to deal with problems. I guess normally her doorman takes care of this sort of thing?

 In the workroom, Josh M approves of Becky's design. He tells the camera that by making her cry directing her as team leader last week, he has "helped her focus her energies and be more creative." Unfortunately we will not be able to see Becky's face as she watches this episode and hears that.

Oliver is working slowly on the saddest dress I have ever seen. Although he is working from a brightly-coloured abstract painting, he has decided to make a beige dress with a bit of depressing blue chiffon on the shoulder. He runs out of time and tries to glue the dress to the model's boob! He gets in trouble as this is against the rules, but it doesn't matter because it doesn't stick anyway. When his kid partner asks what kind of music he likes to listen to, he says, "I like really depressing music." I want to send him a mix tape.

Laura is making a totally boring floaty flower dress which is not avant-garde in any way. Unfortunately the judges love it and she is in the top three. Boo!

Bert goes nuts and makes the biggest pants I have ever seen, and sticks plush triangles all over the bodice (which is tiny because most of the model's body is covered in GIANT PANTS). The effect is hilarious but I actually kind of like it. It's definitely the most fun and interesting outfit this week. Everyone hates it except Heidi, who agrees with me. 

Anthony Ryan wins (his dress is pretty rad, it looks like brush strokes) and Josh C is out after being brought back last week. His dress looks like an anime cosplay so it is all for the best. The best thing about this episode was that the kids got to sit with the designers and see the clothes come down the runway, and they were so excited. I want to see a spinoff of PR where the designers have to be art-directed by kids. And I also want a spinoff where Tim Gunn goes on the road solving crimes. Let's make this happen!


  1. I love these drawing so much. And also REALLY want to see this episode.

  2. I have so many opinions about these clothes! Mostly they all come down to the fact that none of outfits were avant gardey enough.

    Your drawing of Bert's pannier pants is so much more appealing then the actual garment, it might be misleading.

  3. Suzanne: You have to get with season 9 so you can play along!

    seeRsew: So true, the clothes were mostly so boring! Even Anthony Ryan's dress was awesome but could have been done in a normal challenge.