Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zack Synder's Superman is Scaly Like a Fish!

New close-up photos have leaked of Henry Cavill all suited up in Zack Synder's upcoming Man of Steel, and they've revealed a lot more than we could ever have anticipated. Certainly there is no doubting Superman's brazen lack of pants, but did you know that he is also a scaly, aquatic mammal with He-Man gauntlets and a parasitic space-belt? You do now!

I am totally ready to roll with all of this before because a) I'm not remotely precious about/invested in Superman and b) Zack Synder is a total badass who will make Superman all crazy and pumped. Even in this candid photo we see Henry Cavill having just punched out the lighting assistant.

Now normally during these big Superman reveals I turn to the John Byrne Forum, where the legendary comics artist's legion of lackeys will be blind with fury at this development. HOWEVER, no such rants for you today because Mr. Byrne himself has wisely locked the Superman movie thread down to avoid potential anyeurysms. You can see more shocking supermanfish images here at Super Hero Hype.

What do you think of the new Superman look? And does he have gills or a blowhole?


  1. The darker colours make it look dirty to me. I want to give him a good scrubbing down.

  2. I love it. the original superman has always looked completely ridiculous to me. I HAVE COMPLETE FAITH IN ZACK.

  3. I find it unusual that the lack of trunks actually makes his crotch MORE eye-catching. I think it's the 'Goblin King' effect.