Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mega Buzz Lightyear and more Nerd Shenanigans by Dan Hipp!

Someone thankfully retweeted Dan Hipp's awesome mega Buzz Lightyear illustration a few days ago, and I immediately had to check out his website. Maybe the comic peeps here already know about him, but the last comic I bought for myself was Batman: A Death In The Family like 20 years ago.. so I was really excited to see his style and pop culture goodies.

Here's a selection of AWESOME illustrations that I found on his website, including Ackbar, bounty hunters, turtles, pizza, zombies and more.

If you dig around the site enough, you'll see some awesome Tintin mashup comic covers and a bunch of movie posters from current (and older) films.

Check out many, many more at I couldn't stop picking good ones.

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