Saturday, September 3, 2011

The 1950's. When Coffee was Terrible and Men Were Jerks.

I first enjoyed these vintage coffee commercials some time ago, and now someone has put together all the best bits in a crowd-pleasing compilation, with the brilliantly apt title Coffee Jerks. Hollywood, you are leeching off everything right now - please make a big screen movie adaptation of Coffee Jerks starring George Clooney. Preferably playing the amazingly in-your-face guy who upends his coffee in the garden. Women of the fifties had only two simple jobs and it's astounding to me that they could mess up one of them so badly...

This time via The Mary Sue. But join me after the jump and I'll show you my other most favourite set of commercials, this time combining a psychotic panda and cheese!

There's a few of these in a row on this clip and they definitely have a cumulative effect so make sure you stick right through until the end to discover the true ramifications of refusing a panda's favourite cheese. It's actually quite chilling!

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