Friday, September 2, 2011

Thundercats Thunder-recaps Episode 7: Legacy!

How many episodes is this series anyway? What have I unknowingly committed to here? Ten? Twenty? Fifty-five? A thousand? How long can a group of homeless man-cats, led by the super dickish Lion-O, wander aimlessly through a forest?

That said, last week's episode was pretty great, with C3-PO style cock-blocking,  Indiana Jones style traps, obscene mummy Mumm-ra hulking out and spewing lasers. You know what else I've been watching? Hell's Kitchen. And that Gordon Ramsey hulks out a thousand times worse than Mumm-Ra. That guy would head-butt Wolverine and dent his adamantium skull. He's all, "YOU! DONKEY! WATCH YOUR F***ING MEAT! OR YOU'LL BE WATCHING MY F***ING MEAT, FLAPPING AGAINST YOUR FAT F***ING FOREHEAD!" Ha ha! I love that show.

Oh right! Thundercats! Here's the preview image:

Hmm... an episode called "Legacy" and here's Ye Olde Mr. Muttonchops Cat. I can sense some flashbacks coming on...

Join me after the jump and we'll figure it out! (SPOILERZ!):

In the past I've bitched about the non-Lion-O characters having very little to do, but that fact couldn't be more evident at the beginning of this episode. Picking up right after where Journey to the Tower of Omens left off, Tigra, Cheetara, Panthro and the kittens are utterly bored shitless. Cheetara appears to be knocking out the kids with her staff, Panthro has fallen asleep and, most disturbingly, a deadpan Tigra is playing with a handgun. He even inexplicably and silently trains it on the sleeping Panthro for a moment. I get the chilling feeling that the despondent Tigra is seriously contemplating killing everybody and then turning the gun on himself.

So once again, this is definitely The Lion-O Show. Lion-O is still inside the tower desperately trying to figure out the disappointingly cryptic Book of Omens until, like the idiot it he is, he triggers off some kind of electric craziness that rips out his spirit and sucks into the book! In what can only be described as Tron meets The Neverending Story, Lion-O, now led by a ghostly spirit-form Jaga, must go inside the body of his ancestor Ye Olde Mr. Muttonchops Cat to find out how they all got in this mess and what filthy Mumm-Ra really wants. Because seven episodes in we still don't understand any of this stuff!

So as Lion-O takes on the role of Muttonchops, he is shocked to learn that he is in servitude to hulked-out Mumm-Ra. What Mumm-Ra really wants is the Maguffin which will power the Doohickey which will finally give him control over Whatchamacallit.

They've enslaved all these awesome animals to help them, including monkeys, jackals and vultures (which hopefully foreshadow some more classic Thundercats villains in the future. Like Monkeon! You remember Monkeon, right? What a classic!). Lion-O also meets this lady who is crazy tall, like seriously, he barely comes up to her nipples. "My eyes are up here, Muttonchops!" "Yeah but they're really high and it hurts my neck."

She leads the rebellion apparently, and is also Muttonchop's girlfriend, and she kind of creeps me out. We're in total Furry territory here. And if you don't know what I'm referring too then thank your lucky stars.

In all ultimately boils down to a battle between Muttonchops and Mumm-Ra about who has the biggest stones. Muttonchops put a stone in his sword, thereby creating the Sword of Omens, but Mumm-Ra has mighty stones of his own. Their battle is pretty awesome, and the best part is that Mumm-Ra hulks out into a new, even bigger and more badass armoured form that we've never even seen before! He really is a great villain, and makes Skeletor look like Screech from Saved by the Bell. Oh and then Muttonchops turns into Voltron and hits Mumm-Ra right in the stones, turning him into frail, withered mummy version that you're probably more accustomed to. So now we know! Mumm-Ra wants his stones back. It's all very Freudian.

So Mumm-Ra wants stones, Lion-O wants to reunite all the animals and stop him, and at the very end of the episode the rest of the forgotten main cast (Tigra and Co.) get about ten seconds of token screen-time and zero dialogue. Trust me, Tigra is a ticking time bomb and somebody's going to get shot.

Overall, it was a pretty epic episode with some nice fisticuffs, but I'm a little tired of moving backwards. Please, give us more character stuff and push the series forward.

Oh! And thanks for the tip, Muttonchops! I am now going to say, "Brace for impact" before kissing anyone.

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