Sunday, August 28, 2011

8-Bit Furniture Invades Your Living Space!

Designer Igor Chak is eight years younger than I am and about a thousand time mores talented. He has a passion for designing motorcycles, but what I'm most entranced by on his site is his foray into furnishings inspired by classic 8-bit battles. Some of these are just concepts, but his Space Invaders styled couch is actually now available for sale, and at a not-too-unreasonable $5,000 it could invade your own space. Dear Reader, you could invade my personal space any day of the week!

Check it out! For realistic effect I would actually suspend it loosely from the ceiling and watch it slowly descend upon me with a growing sense of dread:

Pictured here with a lot of space around it.
Join me after the jump for another Space Invaders inspired item, and a shelving unit that you will totally go ape shit for!

While the couch is pretty awesome, I'd actually settle for this similarly themed arm-chair which would look kick-ass in my lair! And if you're worried that these look uncomfortable (admittedly the photos make them look like they're hard plastic) then be rest assured that your buttocks is going to be extremely satisfied to be invaded by what is actually high-quality, and presumably yielding leather. I am excited just thinking about it:

But perhaps my favourite of all is this entertainment/shelving unit that pays heart-felt homage to an epic historical battle between an immigrant plumber and a horny gorilla. I give you:

That would be totally awesome! Although all your stuff will roll off it!

You would be a stupid, thoughtless idiot not to see what else mighty genius Igor Chak has here at his site.

(Thanks to KJ for the heads up! If you see cool stuff then let us know at!)

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