Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FanExpo Canada 2011!!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to one of the largest sci-fi/comic book/anime/gaming/horror conventions in my nation, Fan Expo! The day went by in a whirlwind of colour and motion, but luckily I took (for me at least) a ton of pics!

Jazz says, "Heeeeeeeyyyyyy.  Sit on it!"
I'll try to piece together the events of the day from the pics and my hazy memories after the jump!

First off, I'd love to congratulate whomever decided that this years event should be a 4-day extravaganza instead of the measly 2 days of yesteryear. I chose to go on the Friday and had a pleasant time with reasonable crowds. Last year, I went on a Saturday and was packed in with a hundred million other Canadians in a relentless mess until I left to smoke and wasn't allowed back in due to fire codes. This year was MUCH better. It was busy without becoming pandemonium.

Friendly neighborhood walking junkpile?
The first things I encountered upon entering the floor were these life-size fighting robots from the upcoming movie, "Real Steel". They didn't attempt to fight me or each other, but were still neat. Particularly the junkpile one whom I wanted to take home and make friends with.

Samurai Robot will hurt your face!!
Of course there were a LOT of people in costume walking around this year. All sorts of wacky stuff. Some of them posed for pics!

Black Widow and Spider-Man girl.  Or Girly-Man Spider.  You be the judge.
After this pic was taken, Predator slaughtered these two youths and then retired to his spaceship for a nice, light snack.
There was a large horror element as well this year. Decapitated heads were omnipresent and you could pay $5.00 to be locked in a coffin and then take a walk through a "spooky" maze. Spooky!

The remains of those who pissed off William Shatner
Would you trust these girls to come home with you?  Cause I would....They seem pretty harmless, right?
He's not dead he's just having a nap in his favourite glass tube!
Ok so that last pic is from Green Lantern and not a horror movie. Of course I heard the GL movie was a pretty horrific experience. I'll wait for the DVD to decide...

Ever wonder how a proton pack works?  Cause the Ghostbusters of Ontario will explain it all!!!
There were a lot of groups of guys in costume hanging around in an official capacity. Of course everyone knows about the 501st Stormtroopers but I had no idea there was a similar Ghostbuster group! Or at least I assume they are similar. I've really done no research on this aside from "Hey look, cool proton pack!!!"

Stormtroopers are in LOVE with Batgirl!
Speaking of the 501st, they were there. I should be posting an interview with one of them in just a few days! For now enjoy some more pics!

Wicked AT-ST!!! 
R2-D2 you get back here!!!
My buddy is trying to upload secret plans he keeps on his phone into this R2 unit, thus hiding them from the Empire, 'natch.
And of course there were the toys and comics and celebrity signings. SOOO many comics. I didn't buy too much stuff but I did get a good deal on some Batman toys that I'm sure I'll review shortly. The signing lines were long and expensive but I did get to ogle celebrities from a distance. No pics, sadly, but the memories will live on in my heart.

Oh and Transformers and Harry Potter were there to represent their respective building block companies.

Giant Kre-O Optimus!
Lego Harry Potter giant guy is HUNGRY for your SOUL

Um. I don't know much about Harry Potter.

So In closing, Fan Expo was awesome and I recommend it to anyone who can make it! For more information, you can visit their web site at http://www.fanexpocanada.com/. Plan early for 2012! Hope to see you there!

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  1. I was the guy in the black Spider Man suit, my gf is Black Widow.
    I'm not mad about the girl/guy mix up though.
    That suit robs you of any definition you may/may not have; plus that is an undeniably girly pose I was striking.