Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Episode 14 of The C-List Podcast! Screaming Pit Witch Spooktacular!

I know! This is getting ridiculous! Just 24 hours later I have another podcast episode for you! This time it's #14 of The C-List, and the spookiest thing about it is that we're actually keeping to a weekly schedule!

Here's the show notes:
It's our super spooky fourteenth episode where we return to our original format and dare to discuss Casey (Drew Barrymore) in the original Scream, and the Pit Witch of Army of Darkness psuedo-fame! Along the way we also re-enact the famous telephone scene, and we'll help you get your footing in the lucrative pit witch business! Plus learn about some other exciting podcast projects on the horizon! 
Hosts: Mike and LukeRun Time: 57:37Original Music by The Data Parade(C)Rap by Luke

This is an artist's impression of me leeching your valuable time/life essence.

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