Friday, September 30, 2011

DC 52 Reboot Recap!

I know it's been well covered already but I just had to chime in on the first month of DC's 52 reboot. This month has marked the first time I've bought comics (aside from the occasional graphic novels) in years and years.  It's been a lot of fun for me going to the store every week and trying to find the issues that I wanted!  I know I can't buy this many titles every month but trying all the new comics has been great fun as well.  Now I just have to decide which issue #2's I'll buy.   
 The issue #1's that I decided to try and a brief evaluation of each after the jump!

 Justice League:  “Batman?  Youre REAL?” An interesting first issue…GL and Batman arguing while GL looks more and more like a dick and then gets smacked around by Superman.  Oh and it looks REALLY pretty.  I’ve loved Jim Lee since the 90’s.  I’m in for book 2!

Action Comics:  Superman runs around Metropolis in jeans and work boots and no one knows who he is.  It seems to be set in the past of JL #1.  It’s a cool premise but how long until they catch up to the “present”?  Still I like it.  In for issue 2.    

Batgirl:  Barbara’s just recovered from being crippled and she’s a little rusty.  Then she loses her own book, mostly because she makes bad decisions and she’s super gun-shy now.  An innocent man seemingly dies on her watch.  This one didn’t really grab me that much but I’m willing to give it another issue before I decide. I WANT to like it, but we shall see.

Detective Comics:  Batman chases the Joker through the streets of Gotham and lots of blood splatters about.   I don’t mind at all!  This is Gotham, bitches, not Never Never Land!  However, I’m not a fan of the artwork and nothing about this one was really super-interesting except for the last panel.  If it wasn’t Batman I’d skip the rest but I’ll give it another chance JUST because I Heart Batman.

Batman and Robin:  This one was an interesting story.  It’s the first I’ve heard of Batman having a son and I had to wiki Damien Wayne to figure out WTF?  They could have explained him to those of us who think Robin is still Tim, if not Dick.  Otherwise it’s ok…not a huge fan of the artwork.  I’m on the fence but I’ll give it another issue at least.

Batwoman:  Cool artwork.  Really, really pretty.  Sadly I could not care LESS about anything that happened.  Sorry Batwoman, I’m out. 

Green Lantern:  HAHA Hal Jordan’s kind of a dick.  And he’s not even Green Lantern.  I have NO idea what’s going on here.  Sure was a lot of green and yellow in this comic.  I guess the cliffhanger kind of got me but I’m REALLY on the fence.  Issue 2 has to catch me hard or I'm dropping this one.  I only really wanted it in the first place for the JL connection and to make fun of Hal cause, as I said, he's a dick!

Superboy:  Kind of intriguing but I’m mostly interested because of the Teen Titans connection.  Not a lot happens here so it’s hard to judge.  I guess I’ll give it another issue but I wonder if I need to?

Batman:  Now HERE is the Batman book I was looking for!  Cool art, intriguing storyline and a twist ending.  I’m already impatient for issue 2!  It’s nice to be interested not only in what Bruce is doing IN costume, but also in his “civilian” life.  Can’t wait to see what happens next! 

Birds of Prey:  Are they good guys?  Are they bad guys?  Who’s that?  Hey that dude’s HEAD exploded for no reason!  I’m intrigued!  Not a huge fan of the art though and ZERO emotional attachment to the characters.  I guess I’ll give them one more issue to see.

Catwoman:  Oooh controversial!  I saw her bra!  And she dry-humped the bat!  I don’t’ understand the problem here….hasn’t Catwoman always been kind of slutty?  I like the artwork but the story was a little blah.  I know I sound like a broken record but I’ll give it at least one more issue before I decide for sure.

Red Hood and the Outlaws:  The cute girl at the comic book store talked me into buying this one.  She likes it.  I will probably buy it again so that we have stuff to talk about.  I feel like I’m living in “The Big Bang Theory”.  Oh and Starfire’s a slut!  I like that…why shouldn’t girls like sex?  I don’t see the problem.  Dunno why Jason Todd is alive???  This book is confusing me.  Look, orange boobs!

Wonder Woman:  Loved this comic!  The artwork and storyline are both terrific and even though I have little idea what is going on I love the character moments throughout the book.  I’m really looking forward to WW meeting up with the other JL folk now and hopefully putting them all in their place!  So far she seems like the most competent and kick ass of the heroes in this new DC. I can't help but WONDER what's gonna happen next!!

The Flash:  This may be my favourite book of the month!  Flash looks great and I’m already more interested in both plot and characters than in any other book.  When Flash admits to all of the deaths in his city being personal for him, I love the sadness in his eye.  Actually that whole page is great...I kind of want to hang it on my wall.  It’s just extremely well done. Can’t wait for issue #2!

Superman:  I had high hopes for this title and some of it is really cool.  I like the artwork and the full page Supes-in-new-costume from page 3 looks killer and sold me totally on the new look!  However the “article” by Clark in the second half of the book took me right out of it.  It’s not well written.  Still, it’s Superman so I’ll buy at least one or two more.  Action Comics was much more interesting though.  Just sayin’.

Teen Titans:  Don’t. Call. Me. WONDER GIRL!!”  Wicked.  Surprise hit for me…I wasn’t even going to pick this one up but I impulse bought it at the last second.  Tim is a character I can get behind and I love his new costume.  “Satisfied?  Jerk.”  Definitely into this one.

Well, that’s it for the month!  There were four more comics I wanted to read but couldn't get.  Nightwing, Supergirl, Aquaman and Batman: The Dark Knight.  They were all sold out at both comic stores in my area.  Here's hoping for reprints.   

So, how did I feel DC did over all on this reboot?  Well, all but one of the 16 comics I read are getting a second buy, BUT only four of them really got me excited.  I guess we’ll see what the future holds but in my mind that’s kind of a bad sign.  Still, four cool monthly titles is better than none!  Bring on October so we can do it all over!


  1. I think I can get you copies of all 4 of those if you want. Let me know.

  2. Really? That'd be cool...hit me up at for details...

  3. I'll check with the shop this weekend and see what I can come up with. I'll let you know when I find out.

  4. Is it just me, or without the different colored 'underwear' section on Bats and Supes they kinda look a little naked?

    I guess it just is what you get used to for oh...I dunno...FORTY-FOUR FUCKIN' YEARS!!!

    For the most part, I don't enjoy reboots.