Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rocktober: My Seven Favourite Fictional Bands and Their Songs!

WOOO! ROCKTOBER! THANK YOU INTERNET, YOU'VE BEEN A GREAT AUDIENCE! Yes, it is time for me to rock out and add something constructive to the Rocktober mix! And seeing as how I don't really live in the real world, why not celebrate my tenuous grasp of reality by listening to my Top Seven Fictionial Bands and Their Songs! There's an exhaustive list to choose from, and not everything is readily available on youtube, but here's what I've haphazardly slapped together for your aural pleasure. (Guffaw!)... Presented in no particular order...

1. Zit Remedy (Degrassi Junior High), performing Everybody Wants Something.
If you're as old and despondent as I am, you might remember this home-grown outfit from Canada - the Degrassi sensation, the one and only Zit Remedy, who later became The Zits. Because it turns out there is no remedy. This three-piece consisted of sleazy, hat-wearing, opportunist Joey Jeremiah; the slender man-whore Snake; and the confusingly not-in-a-wheelchair Wheels. Note how at the end of the clip it is revealed that the whole thing is not about the music, but about Joey trying to impress the pants off uber-hottie Caitlin. Respect. How rock 'n' roll is that!

I have six more of these gems waiting for you after the jump!

Brace your ears for this incredible onslaught...

2. The Powerpuff Girls (The Powerpuff Girls) performing Love Makes the World Go Round.
Best known for punching monkeys in the brain, The Powerpuff Girls, like many great classic animated heroines, actually had a little side gig with their own little band. This is one of the sweetest clips you will ever see, and also one of the most baffling as you wonder how Blossom and Buttercup manage to rock those guitars with their stumpy, handless little arms. Throw aside your misconceptions. And your masculinity. This song is AWESOME.

3. Dethklok (Metalocalypse) performing Thunderhorse.
Kind of obvious one, but I'd be a wretched excuse for a human being were I not too include dark metal gods, Dethklok and their seminal song Thunderhorse which I played until my fingers bled on Guitar Hero 2. This clip is NSFW but it's Sunday, so knock yourself out! Seriously! Take your pants off! Oh wait... It will just not let me load up the demo version with the video clip. So here's the remastered (and superior) version without a clip. But promise me you'll take off your pants and have NSFW thoughts while you listen to it!

4. Cherry Bomb (Howard the Duck) performing Howard the Duck.
In my book, Leah Thompson will always be the bomb, and she's never looked better than she did rocking a guitar with giant teased hair alongside a cigar-chomping space-duck who she slept with. This song is all good, but pay special attention to Thomas Dolby's amazing quacking duck sample. If you're too young, then trust me - this is what the eighties looked like. And it was wonderful!:

5. Electric Mayhem (The Muppets) performing Can U Picture That!
Arguably the best fictional band of all time, The Electric Mayhem are all the proof you need that when you stick you arm up the ass of a small, psychedelic person they will lose sense of all boundaries and rock your world. Never turn your back on a Muppet, look them in the eye, or challenge them to a drinking contest, because believe me, those bastards are crazy and you will be sore in the morning. Skip to 4:38 for the song itself, but why you would want to skip through this gold is beyond me...

6. Sex Bob-Omb (Scott Pilgrim) performing We Are Sex Bob-Omb!
One of my favourite books and favourite movies combine to explode all over your ears. This was actually the first band I thought of. I prefer Threshold as a song, but this is the one with the clip! If you haven't yet seen this film then you need to be beaten to death with a drumstick. Ramona Flowers 4 Lyfe!

And here's a real curve-ball...

7. Evolution Revolution (Lancelot Link Secret Chimp).
"Wait... are you trying to tell me that in the heady days of the 1970's a bunch of chimpanzees had a band?" Yes. Hell yes. That is exactly what I'm telling you. And they were better musicians than most chart-toppers today. Seriously, if your pants aren't already off, then take them off for this one, and dance around the room like you're an ape with a serious issue! GO NUTS!

Wow! So that's a lot of awesome stuff! There was one favourite band that I neglected to mention, but I'm going to give them special props in a later post.

Who is your most favourite fictional band?


  1. Curt Wild & The Rats. (MASSIVELY NSFW. Great movie though)

  2. "Josie and the Pussycats" was a crap movie about a fictional band but the other fictional band in it had Turk from Scrubs and Seth Green in it - the whole movie should have been about

  3. @retromancy Ha! That's a great fictional band! I had forgotten about that. Also forgot how great Rachel Leigh Cook looks in that film!

  4. Definitely Spinal Tap and The Folksmen, but I also have a sweet spot for The Quadratics from Welcome to the Dollhouse.