Sunday, September 25, 2011

Disney does Wicked


Now, I like Wicked a LOT (three times in just over a month and I'm suffering WITHDRAWLS), and being a kid who grew up in the 90s I'm obviously a fan of old-school Disney movies, but when I saw there was a legit mock-up going around with a view to pitch Wicked as a Disney adaption, I thought 'Yeahhhh I don't know how I'd really feel about that'.

And then I watched it.

This was done by Disney animator Heidi Jo Gilbert to try and convince Stephen Schwartz (Wicked's writer) that an animated version would be a much better idea than the live-action movie that is in the pipeline. And not just animated, TRADITIONALLY animated. Nothing wrong with Pixar, but give me the good old Beauty and the Beast 'characters over watercolour paintings' style that I grew up with any day. The animatic is obviously very basic, but I definitely get a bit of an Aladdin vibe from it. Probably all know...defying of gravity on inanimate objects. Hurk hurk.

Defying Gravity Storyboards from Heidi Jo Gilbert on Vimeo.

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