Monday, September 26, 2011

DC Reboot Rewrite! Let's Rewrite Red Hood and the Outlaws #1

I've taken it upon myself to help DC Comics out by rewriting some of the new numbers one in their September reboot! The books are already pretty great, but I'm helping them see them through the eyes of a new reader! Yesterday I rewrote pages of Green Lantern Corps and Batman and Robin! But what about the book that the whole Internet is talking about? Yes. I rewrote a page of Red Hood and the Outlaws #1!

Does my new, original script help or hinder this book? You be the judge...

The real Red Hood and the Outlaws is written by Scott Lobdell. This is art is by Kenneth Rocafort. You can buy the real thing from your local comics store!


  1. This is the best thing EVER! If you were the writer, I would actually be buying a funny and insightful book rather than the slushpile heap it really is.