Saturday, October 1, 2011

Project Runway Recaps: S09 E10

Things are getting a little Lord of the Flies on Project Runway. People are getting very suspicious and weird! Or maybe that's just the editing and music. But it sure does feel dramatic!

Viktor won twice in a row, but he's feeling the heat. He is worried about his fellow competitors getting nasty, which is pretty ironic. He says that "The tiger will come out" and then rakes the air with his fingernails and makes a noise like a kitten being tickled.


The challenge this week is to produce something for the show's partner Piperlime. The rep for the company has scary eyes. She declares that the Piperlime customer "loves trends." Good advice! The trend they are asked to work on is 'sophisticated 70s.' They head to Mood and Laura immediately chooses the most godawful print I have ever seen. It looks like someone ate peas, lime cordial and broccoli and then threw up on fabric. 

Then: DRAMA! The real kind! Anya, who has tucked her money envelope into her bra, somehow manages to lose it. After a frantic search, it is gone for good. Anthony Ryan is the only one with money left over and he gives her $11.50. She buys a little fabric and has to make do with that and muslin (cheap cotton/calico which designers use to make pattern drafts). Anya actually deals pretty well with the whole thing and tries to laugh through her tears, which is a nice change from most reality show contestants. Tim points out that last week Anya was extremely generous to the others and gave them her fabric. You can tell that he wants to sneak her a fifty out of his wallet.

Back in the studio most of the designers are helpful and supportive, offering her bits of their fabric, except Viktor, who helpfully points out to the camera that this is a competition. He is a little bitch.

Anthony Ryan starts talking about Woodstock and hippies, which makes me worry that he might not have a very firm grasp on the seventies.

Someone criticises Laura's puke-fabric, which makes her defensive. "Prints are so subjective!" Oh dear. Bert is referencing Studio 54 and making hot pants, which makes me wonder if he understood the 'sophisticated' part of 'sophisticated 70s.' He mostly covers them up with a spangly print, though, which hides most of his crimes.

Suddenly Tim Gunn announces a twist! They are to make a second, one-piece look as well. They only have $50, which upsets Laura. "I'm not good at not spending money," Laura complains. Laura, I spent a lot of money on a tiny violin to play for you.

Josh chooses an acid-coloured animal print for his one piece. Laura's fabric is no longer the ugliest I have ever seen.

Tim tells Laura that Nina doesn't like her designs and has concerns about her taste. In Laura's retelling, this turns into "Nina hates me and that's why I didn't win the last challenge." She is dumbfounded that anyone could think she lacks taste. "I think my style is sometimes TOO refined!" she exclaims, patting her Barbie-blonde ringlets.

Satisfyingly, all the judges hate Laura's outfit. They especially hate the vomit print, which she has inexplicably paired with black and white chevrons. "Would YOU wear this?" asks Nina. "Yes," answers Laura defiantly. "You would?" Nina says in mock surprise. Her eyebrows add, "That explains a lot."

Bert's Studio 54 outfit is actually pretty okay, although the shorts are obscene. His second outfit is a dress which is quite nice although boring. The Piperlime lady likes it and although he doesn't win, it will be produced and sold. I'm getting ahead of myself, though!

Josh's outfit is absolutely bizarre. He has made enormously unflattering tapered plaid pants and a weird top, which he argues is 'androgynous.'

The fit of the pants at the back is amazing. He has managed to use optical illusion to give the model saddle-bags. It looks like her butt is eating the pants. 

He has complemented all of this with matching leopard belt and shoes. Usually I am all like "fuck the rules! Wear whatever you like!" but this is a pretty good argument for never taking any chances ever. The judges rip him apart and his nose flares with rage.

Amazingly, Anya wins! Both her outfits are beautiful, and the fact that she soldiered on with $11.50 worth of fabric impresses the judges. When she is announced, Viktor rolls his eyes and Bert mutters under his breath, "I can't believe it." I can't believe your stupid face, Bert. Shut up.

Anthony Ryan is sent home, which is sad because he seemed quite nice. Josh is also in the bottom. When are they going to cut him loose?!? I guess it will be a sad day for these recaps so maybe I shouldn't complain.

Back in the waiting room, Josh complains about the nature of the challenge, even though a) they were given a dossier of 70s style to work from and b) this has been a trend for at least a year now, even I know about it and you would think that a designer would pick up a magazine every now and then. He complains to the group (all but one of whom are in his age group) that "If this was a challenge I had time to do research on, I would have blown it out of the water!" Then he has a tantrum when someone disputes this.


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