Thursday, September 29, 2011

Star Trek on BluRay!!!

I meant to say something about this yesterday, but you know how it is “busy, busy, busy”. I had comics to read! (more on that later) Anyway, the official Star Trek site announced on their Twitter yesterday that Star Trek: The Next Generation is FINALLY coming to BluRay in 2012.

Have a press release!: Press Release-y Goodness

It’s been kind of a poorly kept secret for a while now, but it’s now been made official. First will be a sampler disk in January, containing the two-hour pilot Encounter at Farpoint, and two other (award winning) episodes, Sins of the Father and The Inner Light. The seasons, titled Star Trek: the Next Generation – The Next Level, will start showing up after that.

It’s actually a really cool thing that couldn’t have been done just a couple of years ago. Apparently, even though the actors were all filmed on stock that can be scanned and converted to HD quality, ALL of the show’s special effects were composited in such a way that they could not. In other words, in order to do this, CBS (the owners of Star Trek) have had to redo every last effect over 178 total episodes.
I’m gonna be so broke…and I’m already getting excited wondering when they’re gonna announce Deep Space Nine, too.

Via Star Trek Official Website

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  1. I watched some of it on DVD a while back and I gotta say that the first few seasons do not hold up as well as I remembered. Halfway into Season 3 and into 4 started to get much better.

    What I discovered actually is that my favorite Trek show is actually Deep Space Nine. Go figure. I never would have predicted that.