Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Jim Henson! Here's Our Personal Henson Collections!

Saturday 24th of September would have been the 75th birthday of legendary creator, director, puppeteer and philanthropist Jim Henson. Perhaps you caught Google's animated tribute which allowed you to puppet Henson creatures shaped like the title letters.

Many of us here are big fans who have been inspired by Jim and his work so - as we discussed on the most recent Fruitless Pursuitscast - we figured that this might be a good opportunity for us to share some of our favourite Henson related items that we've managed to collect over the years! I was certainly interested in seeing some of the stranger items that were mentioned on the show.

Join us after the jump to view our rare, felty treasures...

J. Tagmire has some fascinating items, touched by the talented hands Jim Henson himself! This may look like a common or garden variety baby Kermit...

But check out the back! It's signed by Jim Henson (and Kermit the Frog)...

Speaking of items that have been handle by Jim, J also has this sweet gold record of the soundtrack for The Muppet Movie:

I actually have no idea how J. acquired this rare treasure, but I sure hope it involved a heist! Check out the plaque:

Contributors Grug and Jessica weren't on the show, but jumped at the chance to show their massive collection of rare and unusual items...

Let's take a closer look at some highlights. I think I used to have these sheets!

But my favourite has to be this wedding gift photo signed by Big Bird and Oscar performer Caroll Spinney!:

And here's a Whatnot Muppet from FAO Schwartz in New York, designed by Grug and Jess:

Taylor told us tales of his fabled vintage Cookie Monster cookie jar! We took him for a dirty, damned liar, but here's the photographic proof! Om nom nom:

And Mike's most treasured Henson related item is this rare Tour Animal from the ex, but beloved, Palisades Toys:

Made even more special because Mike is thanked on the back of the box:

He's also included this autographed Scooter:

Palisades made some of the most fantastic Muppet collectibles ever made. Here's a taste of my (Luke) own collection:

And I also love my puppet Kermit, seen here in a model shoot I did earlier this year:

And my own Whatnot Muppet that I designed, also used in a shoot here...

That is a lot of crazy stuff! You'll probably find it either awesome, or terrifying, depending on how you're aligned!

 Happy Birthday Jim! We miss you!


  1. I totally had/maybe have those Sesame Street sheets!

  2. Great stuff here. I wish we'd had Jim a lot longer :(

    I have a really old vintage Cookie Monster with rattling eyes that has now been passed on to my lil daughter. He has the texture of a shag pile rug!