Monday, September 26, 2011

Pilot Recap: The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle, otherwise known as Magic Teens!, was actually not as completely terrible as you might expect. If it were a movie, it would probably be a trashy guilty pleasure, although I don’t think I care enough to keep watching it as a TV show. But there was still plenty to make fun of! Spoilers beneath the cut.

Cassie is a teenage girl whose mum dies horribly in an accident. But we know it wasn’t an accident! We saw a dude kill her with magic! He lit a match and made a little fire, and then lit all of the matches to make a big fire. Magic is stupid!

Cassie goes to live with her grandmother in a painfully quaint small town (her father Died Mysteriously when she was born). She gets her mum’s old room, which has all her mum’s stuff in it, including her PC. Cassie is going to get to play a lot of Doom II! She has go to high school, where the principal is very sexy. 

There are lots of Magic Teens around who can do rad stuff like opening curtains and making your locker not stuck anymore. They all hang out in the Boathouse, like regular teens these days. They make Cassie's car go on fire, which is probably something else teens are doing these days. 

One of them looks super-creepy like he is wearing eye make-up so I thought he was going to be the evil one but I guess that is what the girls are into now because he is the love interest. His dad tells Cassie their families are written in the stars and then tells his son she is hot, which is pretty cool.


Anyway the Teens are all witches and they need Cassie to complete their circle and make them powerful. They take her to an abandoned house to tell her all about it, so she won't freak out.

She is like “no way" but just having her there makes them more powerful (but they want her to do a ritual anyway, probably involving BFF necklaces) and now they can do radical things. One of the girls, Fay, is a Bad Girl who Doesn’t Play By the Rules and she is all like “I am so powerful now!” and she makes some lights on boats turn off and then she makes it rain. Just normal teen stuff that teens fantasise about being able to do! As Creepy Eyes explains to Cassie, “Fay’s a bit unpredictable. You never know what she’s going to do next,” proving that he does indeed know what the word means. Cassie gives in to her awesome power and makes it stop raining, dramatically. Also Creepy Guy is totes into her but he has a girlfriend but they've been going out for like forever and he is supes faithful but you can just TELL that he and Cassie have this deep connection and they are totally going to get together but that will totally ruin the group so what are they going to do?

Magic Teens!


  1. This is COMPLETELY The Craft. Plagiarism ahoy!

  2. Vampires, Werewolfs and Witches, oh my! Vampires, Werewolfs and Witches, oh my!

  3. I'm really glad that Britt Robertson is getting another chance at a lead role - I loved her in Life Unexpected and was so bummed when that show was cancelled. Also loved that they used MNDR's "I Go Away" in the first scene of the show - really got me excited (watch at

    While I was kind of apprehensive when i read the show description, thinking it might be a little too cookie-cutter, the pilot was very solid. The show has good tone - it's the right mix of dark without being depressive, and it had excellent pacing, which is often overlooked. I'm excited to see if Britt can take this role and run with it!