Thursday, September 29, 2011

Luxirare - sudden burning need to drown myself in leather and truffle oil

Every once and a while I come across a blog so monumental that I'm sort of astonished it isn't a household name, and Luxirare is probably the biggest of these.

Amazingness below the break!  (ALL photos from Luxirare)

Firstly the lady herself is elusive - I've gathered she's a Parson's school of design student (Project Runway, anyone?) with a skill for photography, design, art, cooking and looking awesome in androgynous streetwear. She blurs out her face, and her name is not mentioned. It's all a bit cool.

Her blog has two principal foci - food and clothes. Which feels simplistic to put it like that, but it's essentially true. The kicker is this - all the food she makes is unique and thought up by herself. It has insane ingredients you'd never logistically think of. And then she designs branding and packaging for them. Be still my heart.

 Take a good long look at this. Coconut curry popcorn. Black truffle popcorn. French toast popcorn. As far as I can tell nothing happens to this stuff, beyond her eating it. She doesn't go to all this effort to sell this amazing food, she just makes it, pretties it up, photos it and stuffs her face. Jealous.

And as far as food photography goes, she's beyond amazing. She takes something as simple as a chicken salad and turn it into the most intense, expensive looking thing ever.


And if this all wasn't enough - she makes clothes. Not in the sewing machine and overlocker sense, in the hammering, leatherworking, silversmithing, upholstering sense. What this girl can do is flat out incredible. Look at this goddamn made-from-scratch leather jacket with LED cape attachment (done in collaboration with Anastasia Radevich).

Oh and yeah by the way it's BATTERY OPERATED.

And gaze in marvel as she decides one day to make a PAIR OF SHOES. And also cuddle a small dog.

Also completely in love with this backless jumpsuit thingy but also sad because I will never be small enough to wear it. 

I really feel like as a blog it transcends fashion or cooking or any of that - what she does feels like art for me, coupled with a skill and talent that just completely blows my mind. I authentically think this lady is a genius. I'm completely floored by everything she does, food, clothing, whatever. Well worth a look, but don't plan to be doing anything in a few minutes time. You will marry this blog. You will have babies. Expensive babies covered in truffle oil and kaviar and cashmere.

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  1. Oh wow, that looks amazing! I'm off to lose myself in the archives...