Monday, September 26, 2011

Kickstart the Week: Famous Missions - A card game by J. Tagmire

Our new weekly feature is Kickstart the Week, a chance for us to feature a Kickstarter project and to provide something refreshing and creative to balance out the usual Monday ugggghhs.

I'm starting off with my own card game project, Famous Missions. I didn't originally intend for this feature to start off with one of our own, but both the feature and Famous Missions launch dates fell on the same date.

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Famous Missions is a multiplayer card game for 2-6 players (3 works best). Suggested for ages 13 and up. Gameplay lasts 15-30 minutes. The game consists of 108 cards. One player acts as a judge and chooses a mission card (for example: Prevent an Alien Invasion) and the other two players choose 3 person teams to handle the mission. The teams are made up of celebrities (Hulk Hogan, Paris Hilton, Carrot Top) and famous people throughout history (Edgar Allan Poe, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller). After playing their team, they get a chance to defend them by explaining why they are the better team. Finally the Judge declares the best team for the job.  I can personally say that the game is a lot of fun, and brings out a lot of creative discussion and story telling in all players. I've played with groups that I know and others that I don't know, and it's always a good time.

The pledges go from $1 to $500. The main game is $20 with shipping included, and if you want a custom face mask of one of the top famous people, it will cost $35. The $500 pledge is a limited edition of 1, where a backer will be featured in the game. Also each backer at $5 and up gets an Uncle Carrot Top postcard.

The project goal is $5500 and it currently needs $5500 more to reach it's goal (it just launched this morning). It's a lot of money, but pretty much the bare minimum needed for a card game on Kickstarter.

In the future installments of this feature, I'll be including some small interviews or q&a's with the project creators. I'm not going to interview myself, so I'll just say this.. It's awesome to have something like Kickstarter available because otherwise a lot of really awesome projects would be unseen, unfinished, and unreleased. It's a great platform, and a great community. As for my project (and all future Kickstart the Week projects), I hope you enjoy it! If it's not your thing but you know someone who might like it, please let them know. And if that's not working for you, check back next Monday for an all new Kickstart the Week.

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