Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some News You Just Have to Post...

And walk away...

Chicago, Illinois has been named the "most mustache friendly city in America". Yes. I'm serious. The problem is, I'm not sure how serious they are. The press release is fraught with quotes like:
"With a long-existing pattern of social and professional discrimination against Mustached Americans, AMI behavioral economists sought to better understand which top-performing metropolitan areas provide the most nourishing opportunities and livable communities for people of Mustached American descent."

More fur-lipped insanity after the jump.

I mean, "Mustached American descent"? Really? Unlike other things for which people are discriminated against, mustaches really ARE a choice. And not really a good one. I mean sure, I'm bearded and have been for years...but a 'stache is just funny looking. And then you get the occasional old guy or hipster with the WAXED mustache that looks like Snidley Whiplash. Poking around their site, it really is hard to tell whether the whole thing is one big joke, or it's just a bunch of guys with mustaches and a sense of humor. I just can't tell.

So, according to their release, the scientific method that led to Chicago being chosen was to ask 200 people that had mustaches in each of 100 different cities how they felt that their facial accouterments affected the way people treated them. Apparently Chicago had the best feelings towards lip fuzz. I blame Ditka.

So, what's the "prize" in being the best place in the country for having a cookie duster? Apparently, Chicago will be hosting the annual 'Stache Bash in late October.

Other cities on the list included: Houston, Texas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Cleveland, Ohio. My home city of Indianapolis did not make the list.

And now just because it seems a good place to slip it in, I give you Jonathan Coulton performing a song from his new album Artificial Heart. He opened for They Might Be Giants here in Indy last week, and it was FANTASTIC!!

Via the American Mustache Institute

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