Friday, August 12, 2011

Clogging Up the Servers 2: Hot Toys SDCC Batman Pre-Order About to Go LIVE.

Hong Kong toy company Hot Toys make uber-realistic, creepily accurate action figures with real pores and follow-you eyes. Their high-quality coupled with their exclusivity has caused much collector longing and hand-wringing, and has scored Hot Toys all the huge, popular licenses (like Batman, the Marvel movies, and now Star Wars). I own the Scarlett Johanssen from Iron Man 2 and The Comedian from Watchmen and they are so realistic that he ACTUALLY GOT HER PREGNANT.

So when this incredibly kickass and over-accessorised Christian the Maniac Bale from Batman Begins...

... was released as a limited exclusive at the recent San Diego Comic Con, collectors went batshit insane and climbed all over each other and shrieked like hellish banshees to get their meaty paws on them. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) they sold-out quickly and were soon appearing for upwards of US$600 on ebay!

But if you weren't there, or were there but ended up with nothing but a torn shirt and a tear-stained face, then you DO have a very limited second chance. TONIGHT. Find out more and see more amazing pics after the bat-jump!

So if you're a member at Sideshow Collectibles (which I am!) then you get a chance to pre-order from another batch of this hoarsely screaming bad-boy tonight! Or today if you're in America. Or to be exact, at 10am Pacific Standard Time (or about 1am my time).

Now these aren't cheap to begin with so I wouldn't be surprised to see a price north of $200, but if my computer hadn't crapped out last night and forced me to buy a brand new one this afternoon, then I'd probably take a shot at one of these. Not even because I'm a huge Bale or Batman fan, but because it's so ZOMG!!EXCLUSIVE!! And you have to admit that it's an amazing bit of work. Check out these pics if you need further convincing:

So if you manage to brave the clogged servers and actually secure one of this then please post in the comments and let me know. Or else you and I are done. Professionally. ;)


  1. wow I would have thought that last pic an actual photo of Bale if I saw it out of context. Well done sideshow!

  2. So holy shit, that was intense - the site was down for 15 minutes prior to the ordering, but I managed to get one. (I caved when I realised "Hey wait... 'pre-order'! I can pay for this later!" CLICK!) Pretty stoked!