Monday, August 8, 2011

Admiral Ackbar Watch: Hipster Ackbar/Ackbar Origins

If you don't know already, I am a massive advocate for Return of the Jedi's trap-detecting Admiral Ackbar.  I mean talk about an inspiration! Here's a guy that took the most fruitless of pursuits and turned into a crate of pineapples! Yes, I'm talking about a humble lobster relying on nothing but his own hard work and initiative to climb out of the tank and become a full-fledged kickass space Admiral. And I'm telling you folks, if a lobster can become an admiral then anyone is capable of anything. A baby could become President of the United States and a tadpole could become a lingerie model! All it takes is a good attitude and some greasy elbows.

So I was quite thrilled when a thoughtful friend sent me this image earlier this afternoon. I don't know where this was on sale (or if was ever even available) and sure, it's mispelled, but damned if I don't wish I had it. That's an understatement. I want to be buried in it.

But don't go yet! There's so much more...

If you, like me, have spent countless Friday and Saturday nights home alone, in a dark room, wearing very little, thinking long and hard about what Admiral Ackbar's pre-trap salad days were like, then wonder no more. The always hatted and occasionally sweaty Dave Filoni - Supervising Director of increasingly brilliant Clone Wars animated series - confirmed at San Diego Comic Con that Admiral Ackbar - or rather Captain Ackbar in this instance - will appear in the first three-part story arc of Season Four (debuting later this year).

And if you don't believe me then the proof is in the pudding, or perhaps bisque, unless that's disrespectful to the good Admiral who even now, as I type, is in the heavens fighting for our space-freedom.

Here's a brief clip of what we can expect when Season Four hits. Look out for Captain Ackbar bellowing gibberish at the end like he does not give a damn.

If I was any more jazzed for these episodes then I would be locked in perpetual jazz-hands and wouldn't be able to type anymore.

I'm being deadly serious now when I say that if you have any news about Admiral Ackbar AT ALL then email me at lukemiltonwritesATgmailDOTcom and I will get straight on it. Let's keep our finger on the lobster-pulse because this shit is important!

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